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07.11 – 20.11.2019

Kyiv fine art gallery Triptych: Global Arts Workshop presents ‘WHERE DREAMS ARE BORN’, an exhibition of meditative, intimate paintings revealing the creative process of Alla Volobyeva. Aromatic green tea, exotic plants, antiques and Oriental statuettes, an electric guitar, her beloved labrador Heavy… what unites them all? Each one is a source of inspiration for the artist, whose private world unfolds in this series of little revelations. 

Artist Alla Volobyeva: ‘Our secret world, our little Universe exists in my workshop, my room, the house that we live in. Together with our common Earth, it exists in space and moves in the Solar System. I drink coffee, listening to the ticking of the grandfather clock, the noise outside my window, sometimes I play rock music really loudly, look at the paintings on the wall. These are all fragments of the bigger world, atoms that like us are but tiny specks of Being. Suddenly, a moment comes when the poetry and mysteries of ordinary objects are revealed. It is here that dreams are born, and ideas and enlightenment come’

Myroslava Hartmond, gallery director and exhibition curator: ‘Alla Volobyeva’s minimalistically opulent works reveal the nature of things that surround us. There is a prevalence of black, but it is a warm, life-affirming colour of power, which she fell in love with after her trip to Tibet. Not everyone can spot the references to goth and heavy metal culture, to the elegant biopunk aesthetics of HR Giger, because Alla’s art comes to life and lives in the sun’. 


Alla Volobyeva was born in Kyiv in April 1984. She studied at the Republican Taras Shevchenko Art School (1996 - 2002) and graduated from the Fine Art Department of the National Academy of Fine Art and Architecture (2002 - 2008), where her tutor was Mykhailo Guida. She is a laureate of the International Young Artist Animation Prize (Florence, Italy; 2006) and a frequent winner of the First and Third Prizes of the V. Shatalin Prize. Alla Volobyeva has exhibited widely across the world, including Ukraine, Italy, Switzerland, China, Tibet. She lives and works in Kyiv and loves her dog and green tea. 

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