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Vira Yakymchuk

16.05 – 29.05.2019

Kyiv fine art gallery Triptych: Global Arts Workshop presents ‘DREAMS ARE A PLACE OF BALANCE’, the first solo exhibition of young contemporary artist Vira Yakymchuk, whose genre paintings reveal a mysterious, phantasmagorical world. Balancing between realism and surrealism, between reality and imagination, the painter depicts herself, her family and friends with photographic precision against a background of ephemeral landscapes. The works are characterized by their subjects’ theatrical poses, an abundance of ornamental detail (botanical patterns, tattoos, woven rugs and folk art objects), as well as an acute awareness of nature’s elements.   


Artist Vira Yakymchuk on her creative mission:


The artist must investigate the delicate and complex network of feelings and emotions experienced by humans all over the world in a spirit of critical thinking and celebration. My works not only express the interconnectedness of the dimensions and experiences that shape a person’s life, but I also discover the huge strength that we humans possess in order to change ourselves from within and to transform the surrounding reality. My classical fine paintings show real life as a dream. I use contemporary details, my own dreams and fantasies in order to capture reality which we live out, here and now, and thus ‘awaken’ the viewer to their own surroundings”.

According to exhibition curator and gallery director Myroslava HartmondVira Yakymchuk makes no secret of her fascination with the works of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood that rebelled against the Academy of the Victorian era, the works of Lawrence Alma-Tadema, William-Adolphe Bouguereau, and even Sandro Botticelli. The young artist embraces the elevated and monumental European fine art tradition to capture a single moment in time while the world races at a great speed around her. Her painstaking technique is an expression of protest at the consumerist instant-gratification culture of the modern age, where art, the environment, and even other people are disposable”.

About the artist

Vira Yakymchuk (b. 1990) is a Ukrainian contemporary artist and longtime resident of the world of dreams. Born in Husiatyn, a small provincial town in Western Ukraine, Ternopil oblast, Vira spent her childhood in a village surrounded by animals and nature. From a young age she dreamt of becoming an artist. She graduated from the Lviv Professional Art Lyceum with a vocational diploma in flower arrangement, then studied traditional Ukrainian icon-painting techniques at the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU) in Lviv. In 2011 she took up oil painting in an attempt to copy paintings by famous artists. In 2012 she met Turkish artist Fatih Gürbüz, who made a profound influence on her art. In 2013 she moved to Istanbul, Turkey, where she continued her independent study of figurative, realist painting. In 2015 she returned to Ukraine. The paintings of Vira Yakymchuk are part of private collections in Ukraine, Turkey, Italy, and Mexico.

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