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Myroslava Hartmond

Myroslava Hartmond (Halushka) is the owner and Managing Director of Triptych: Global Arts Workshop, and a Research Associate of the Centre for International Studies, University of Oxford. Her practical work in the field of cultural diplomacy is the basis for her research into how states can harness their cultural potential to exert influence in the field of international relations. A qualified expert in cultural diplomacy, Myroslava provides consulting services both in Ukraine and internationally. She advises the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, the Kyiv Museum of Russian Art, and has appeared in the media in Ukraine and abroad commenting on cultural affairs. In 2015, she was named a Cultural Leader by the EU-Eastern Partnership Programme.


Myroslava's passion for art stems from her family's long-term interest in collecting. Today, they hold one of the prominent collections of Ukrainian paintings in the world with over 3000 catalogued units. It encompasses important works from the Soviet period: Socialist Realist art and Non-Conformist art, as well as artworks by top contemporary names – including the largest private collection of Ivan Marchuk. She has been working with Ukrainian fine art since 2009 in the UK and Ukraine, and since 2011 in mainland China and Hong Kong.


Myroslava holds degrees from the University of Oxford (MPhil International Relations, 2014, thesis on Soviet art exhibitions of the Cold War) and the Institute of International Relations, Kyiv National University (BA(Hons) International Law, 2012, thesis on art restitution among USSR successor states).

Academic Life

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