Fine art, sculpture & photography in the heart of Kyiv since 1988

Valeriya Tarasenko & Stas Tolkachev

25.10 - 06.11.2019

Kyiv fine art gallery Triptych: Global Arts Workshop presents ‘OIL & WATER’, a joint exhibition by Valeriya Tarasenko & Stanislav Tolkachev, whose CTP Oil printing technique on aluminium charts new waters in fine art photography. Valeriya Tarasenko brings to life abandoned city fountains with her psychedelic paintbox, while Stanislav Tolkachev constructs scenes of private anguish in stark monochrome.

Artist Valeriya Tarasenko: ‘The image of the fountain in this project symbolizes the centre of the Universe, the source of all nourishment and light. The project’s objective is to preserve the memory of abandoned places through their artistic depiction, as well as through chronicling this aspect of material heritage. Despite their sorry state and gradual destruction, fountains preserve a sense of authenticity and provide pleasure to those who spend time near them’. 

Myroslava Hartmond, gallery director and exhibition curator: ‘The creative union of Valeriya and Stas inspires through its synthesis of retro aesthetics and contemporary production methods. This exhibition is a must-see for everyone who loves to discover the mysteries hidden in public spaces’.

CTP Oil Printing Technique: The process of offset prepress on hydrophilic-hydrophobic aluminum CTP plates. Reminiscent of early 20th century bromoil and Coening's gumoil print of the 90s, but with modern aluminum offset photographic matrices as the final medium. The matrix is ​​derived from a digital monochrome positive, made with professional HEIDELBERG type offset machines, with high line size and hybrid raster (stochastic). Oil paint is applied by hand, brush or roller. CTP Oil's image style can range from soft pictorial to dense, contrasting, grainy, graphic with colors of any color.


Valeriya Tarasenko was born in 1988 in Kyiv, Ukraine. In 2005 she graduated from Kyiv Art School №2 and enrolled at the National Institute of Printing Technology. In 2013 she graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, Dept. of Art Restoration. Since then she has been teaching visual art. Since 2008 she has participated in group and solo exhibitions, festivals, charity projects, auctions, and art residencies in Ukraine and beyond (Hungary, Poland, Russia, Georgia, Germany, Spain et al.).


Stanislav Tolkachev is a photographer, musician, DJ, and music producer. Born in 1982 in Dnipro, Ukraine. In 2004 he began taking photographs on black & white film with a mid-format 6x6 camera. He is qualified in classic dark room photo printing, as well as Lith and Gumoil processes. In 2011 he discovered CTP Oil printing technique, and since then has continued to improve it. His work has been shown in Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Estonia, Georgia, Germany, Spain, Sweden. He lives and works in Kyiv. 

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