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Art collage by Maryna Hromenko

04.10 - 17.10.2018

Private view at 19.00 on Thursday 4th October 2018

Mixology (from the Latin mixtus, composed of parts) is the exact science and life-affirming art of conveying life’s manifold complexity using scissors, glue, paint, paper, and boundless imagination.

Triptych: Global Arts Workshop gallery and UAFRA (Ukrainian Association for Feminine Research in the Arts) present a dynamic new series of fine art collages by Maryna Hromenko. Long before Braque and Picasso wrote collage into Modernism’s arsenal, medieval nuns were compiling devilishly imaginative herbals, Marie Antoinette and her ladies-in-waiting demonstrated the dexterity of their dainty fingers, amusing themselves with découpage, while Victorian housewives made art from magazine cutouts in the margins of family photo albums… Collage, with its frivolity, flexibility, and spontaneity has always been a feminine art. Hannah Höch, Barbara Kruger, Nancy Spero, Louise Nevelson, Kara Walker… Maryna Hromenko continues the noble tradition of women collage artists, who have always walked in step with their male counterparts. Maryna’s fine art collages bring together the burlesque and the absurd, the everyday and the supernatural, feminine tenderness and brute force, but the uniting force behind these composite parts is the artist’s own optimistic philosophy, which encourages the viewer to embrace the entire spectrum of feelings that the human condition affords.


Maryna Hromenko is a certified mixologist*, an artist who creates in many genres, and whose body of work includes painting, textile art, collage. She asserts that “by its very nature the collage is the optimal form for visualizing emotions, feelings, and sensations. It’s ironic and satirical, reflective, funny, prone to flights of fantasy and games of association. My collages are a symbiosis of painting, graphic art, and appliqué, based on a keen sensibility of composition and colour. Each collage has at its core a dominant element, from which a story unfolds. In creating new compilations, I share my experience, my worldview, and sometimes – my dreams.”

About the Artist


Maryna Hromenko (MarGo) is a visual artist, fashion designer, and Ukrainian pop star, who is known for her daring use of colour and unconventional apparel. She was born 14th May 1974 in Riga, Latvia. Maryna attended the Fine Art and Drawing Fine Art Studio (1984 – 1993) and the Design School (1992 – 1993) in Kyiv, and studied at the Kyiv National Fine Art University (2003 – 2008) under monumental artist and philosopher Prof. Y.G. Lehenkyi. Maryna holds a Masters degree in Design. She has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad, and is a member of UAFRA (Ukrainian Association for Feminine Research in the Arts). The artworks of Maryna Hromenko can be found in the MAUERMUSEUM – Museum Haus am Checkpoint Charlie (Berlin, Germany), as well as private collections in Ukraine, Russia, Israel, Germany, and the USA.

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