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Erotic Art by Tetiana Cherevan

08.08 - 22.08.2018

Private view at 19.00 on Wednesday 8th August 2018

"The Yin is the force of women. Receptive, obedient, slow to rise to the boil and slow to cool.


In men, the Yang force is like fire"


Yukimura Haruki, Japanese photographer and filmmaker, master of kinbaku

Fine art gallery Triptych: Global Arts Workshop presents a solo exhibition of the erotic art of Tetiana Cherevan. Brave and exuberant, the artworks of the Ukrainian artists have secured a following among art lovers in Ukraine, Russia, the UK, France, Germany, Denmark, Canada, and the US. Tetiana Cherevan’s work researches the philosophy of personal relationships, and doesn’t shy away from such subjects as shibari, the Japanese art of erotic bondage. The female figures that emerge through the decorative space of the canvases, interacting harmoniously with its flora and fauna, are at once a source of aesthetic pleasure and a symbol of sensuality, the boundlessness of potential pleasure, passion, and love. The exhibition includes painting and graphic works of the last few years, demonstrating the charismatic artist’s journey:


“Life flows like water, extinguishing fire and moving past land. Life is a woman’s powerful word. Life carries in it pain, joy, disappointment, hope, love... it’s easy to bind her in the fetters of one’s thoughts, but much harded to allow oneself to understand the sesne of freedom at any given moment, even a difficult one.


The ropes of shibari are the symbol of the fetters and the freedoms of circumstance. The water of life is expressed through the beautiful women in the canvases. Three multi-panel works – three different girls. The first is bound tightly, she wants to be exactly where she is, and she can hardly breathe from the pleasure. The second one has the head of a blue bird. She holds in her hands and beak a rope, tightly bound but free, free to control her own freedom. She has a freedom of choice. The sketches aim to capture moments which occur in the here and now. A process that is measured, thorough, good. To create moments of beauty which will only remain in the memory.”

About the Artist


Tetiana Cherevan was born in Cherkasy in 1975; her pianist mother and lawyer father encouraged her to develop her creative gifts from an early age, and she attended an art studio. Tetiana graduated with a degree in Design from the Cherkasy Art College and the Cherkasy State Business College. She was tutored privately by the artists Y.N.Melnyk, V.D.Nesterov, V.A.Afonin, O.D. Hladun, and V.I.Klymenko. The artist lives and works in Cherkasy, travels the world, and is constantly pushing boundaries. Today, her portfolio includes almost 100 solo and group projects, including:



2017 The Circle of Life, Gallery 83, Kyiv, Ukraine

2016 Desire to Fly, KZ Art Room, Kyiv, Ukraine

2015 Away from Home, Gallery Folk Art, Cherkasy, Ukraine

2014 Bearded, V.I.Kavaleridze Museum, Kyiv, Ukraine
2010 Boundaries of the Permissible, Gallery "Art Space 365", Kyiv, Ukraine

2009 Wild and Obedient, Maysternia Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine

2008 Desire to Be, Cherkasy Art Museum, Cherkasy, Ukraine


2018 Blue, Art’ et Miss Gallery, Paris, France

2018 Stroke Art Fair, Munich, Germany

2016 GRID ART FAIR, The Old Truman Brewery, London, UK

2014 Contemporary Paintings MARTS, М17 Contemporary Art Centre, Kyiv, Ukraine

2013 Ukrainian Art, Art People Gallery, San Francisco, USA

2013 Ukrainian Art, Los Angeles - Silvana Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

2013 Open Art Canada, Michael Solovyev Studio, Montreal, Canada

2012 Parallax Art Fair NYC, New York, USA

2011 Ukrainian Art, Flaxon Ptootch, London, UK

2010 Women in Art, Art’ et Miss Gallery, Paris, France

2008 Art Kyiv Contemporary Art Exhibition, Ukrainian House, Kyiv, Ukraine

2003 Ukrainian Contemporary Art, Russian Art and Science House, Berlin, Germany

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