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INVISIBLE KYIV | Catherina Lisovenko

24.02 - 08.03.2018

"In my project, I decided to fill familiar streets with strange magical beasts, because just like in the Middle Ages, we struggle to differentiate between Us and Them. Your neighbour or travel companion can seem as strange and dangerous as an imaginary being.I photographed locations which I pass everyday, using them as settings for my bestiary, approaching this task with a sense of the absurd and the unreal. This is why my creatures have a cartoonish feel to them."

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"The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters." Francisco Goya

The first solo exhibition of young Ukrainian contemporary artist Catherina Lisovenko looks at Kyiv with with an artist's enchanted gaze. The streets of Kyiv, building sites, panoramas are revealed as the natural habitats of fantastic beasts, which live among us , and yet remain invisible.
In the Middle Ages, most people had very little access to objective information, and this vacuum was filled with inventions, some scary, other not. Everything strange, mysterious, remote was personified and portrayed in a terrifying way. Today, we are overloaded with information, and yet that with is alien is often met with prejudice, negative stereotypes, and paranoia.

Catherina Lisovenko is a young Ukrainian artist who works in the following media: painting, graphic art, photo and video. A graduate of the Odessa Grekov Art School, student of the National Academy of Fine Art & Architecture of Ukraine (Fine Art Dept.) and the Kyiv Academy of Media Art. Her works are part of private collections in Ukraine, Germany, and the USA.

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