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05.07 - 07.08.2018

Triptych: Global Arts Workshop presents a dynamic new series of works by Alena Kuznetsova, a young master of abstraction:


“Flux. What these works have in common is the dynamic, movement, and balance in their palette, as well as their period of creation (2016—2018). The flow of colour engages the viewer in a conversation in the language of non-figurative painting, speaking out and resonating in their consciousness, without the burden of any unnecessary message. Thus, the mind finds rest in harmony in our frenetic time of endless flows of text, adverts, images. Every artwork suggests its own vibrational frequency, exploring the essence and rhythm of natural and psychological phenomena.”


The painting technique favoured by Alena in recent years has a moving, fluid, flexible quality; its technological basis remains a closely-guarded secret. In her opinion, artworks created with fast-flowing, liquid materials are much more complex than works with ‘solid’ paint, for example, with oils: one must keep the balance between control and release, think several steps ahead, and be ready to act quickly when things don’t quite go to plan! The flux of colour, like the flow of time or of consciousness, is directed towards the depths, its ruling principle: changeability.   

Alena Kuznetsova (b. 1986) has dedicated herself to developing her artistic talent for over two decades, and since 2007 has been working exclusively in the genre of non-figurative painting. Between 1998 and 2002 she studied at the Svitlovodsk Children’s Art School (Kirovohrad region), and between 2003 and 2008 was a Visual Arts student of the Dept. of Architecture at the Kyiv National Construction and Architecture University. Having laid a solid academic foundation to her creative work, Alena continued perfecting her craft and her critical apparatus at the Contemplative Painting School with Anastasia Borodina (St Petersburg, Russia, 2007-2010), the School of Contemporary Art at the Institute of Problems of Contemporary Art (Kyiv, 2014-2015), the New Art School and the School of Visual Communications (Kyiv, 2015).


Since 2009 Alena has actively participated in numerous group exhibitions in Ukraine and the UK, including ‘A4. Ball Point Pen’, Karas Gallery; ‘Ukrainian Landscape’, Mystetsky Arsenal; ‘Drawing Utopias’, IKLEKTIK ART LAB, London; ‘Marry me!’, Zenko Foundation.


FLUX is the eighth solo exhibition of Alena Kuznetsova in Kyiv.

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