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30.05 – 12.06.2019

Fine art gallery Triptych: Global Arts Workshop, with the support of the Swiss Embassy in Ukraine and Museum HR Giger (Switzerland), within the framework of Kyiv International Film Festival ‘Molodist’ presents an exhibition of unique photographs from the personal archive of the famous artist, which reveals the personal life and creative development of the ‘father of biopunk’ HR Giger, the Swiss visual artist awarded an Oscar for ‘best visual effects’.


The exhibition is part of the International programme celebrating 40 years of the ‘ALIEN’ movie release and Side programme of the ‘HR GIGER: ALIENation’ exhibition at the Dovzhenko Centre, Kyiv (30.05 - 30.06.2019).


  • 30.05 - 12.06, 11.00-19.00: Exhibition on display at Triptych: Global Arts Workshop, 34 Andriyivskyy Uzviz, Kyiv, free entry.

  • 31.05 at 19:00: Official launch with Swiss Ambassador H.E. Guillaume Scheurer and ‘HR GIGER: ALIENation’ curators Marco Witzig, Carole Glauser Pidoux and Myroslava Hartmond.

  • 07.06 at 18:30: Prof. Marco Pasi (University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands) will deliver a lecture on ‘The Art of Esoteric Posthumousness’ and Myroslava Hartmond will give a curator tour of the exhibition.

Exhibition curator and gallery director Myroslava Hartmond:

“It is a great honour for me to join the research work conducted by Museum HR Giger in Gruyeres, Switzerland by presenting the little-known but entirely fascinating world of the famous artist’s early life and work. In the photographs we see Hansruedi as a teenager and young adult. The people, places, and things that shaped are revealed to us. We enter the ‘black room’ in his parents’ house in Chur, where the artist conducted his first creative experiments. We accompany him on trip to Paris and Vienna. We become privy to his love for the ‘diabolical’ underground jazz scene of conservative Switzerland. Yet even here we recognize the outlines of the frightening creatures that will soon populate the dark galaxy of the artist’s imagination.”



Hansruedi GIGER (1940 - 2014) was born in Chur (Switzerland) in a pharmacist’s family. In the end of 1957-66, he studied at the art schools of Zürich, published his graphic works in underground magazines, and worked on applied design. He was interested in Freud and had a graphic diary of his horror dream. In 1966, he met his muse — actress Li Tobler, whose features can be guessed in his numerous works. He debuted in the cinema in 1968, in the arthouse sci-fi film ‘Swissmade 2069’, where he starred himself, and where his Alien image first appeared. HR Giger also worked together with director Alejandro Jodorowski and writer Dan O'Bannon on the project of the film ‘Dune’, which, unfortunately, has never been realized (later the film was made by David Lynch). However, a series of drawings to the film gained a cult status and influenced many artists. As a result of this project, O'Bannon, a scriptwriter of the film ‘Alien’, invited HR Giger for further collaboration. For the first ‘Alien’ HR Giger created not only the design of characters, but a whole world — atmospheric environments, interior, exterior, backplanes, scenery, landscapes. In 1980, HR Giger was awarded with Oscar for visual effects. Later, the artist worked on the horror films ‘Poltergeist 2’ (1986) and ‘Species’ (1995). HR Giger also had a close relationship with the music industry: he is the author of the microphone stand of Korn’s soloist, the electric guitars of Ibanez, album covers of Emerson, Lake and Palmer albums, Debbie Harry (included by the Rolling Stone magazine to the 100 Greatest Albums covers), as well as Danzig, Shiver, County Morgue, Celtic Frost, Triptykon and many more.

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