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13.06 – 26.06.2019

Kyiv fine art gallery Triptych: Global Arts Workshop presents a new series of paintings by contemporary Ukrainian artist Yura Shapoval about the weird and wonderful world ‘BESIDE’ – the world of divine love. Expressive scenes with Mannerist elements host tender angels that we meet at critical junctures in our lives: when we need to make an important decision, at moments of grave danger or extreme emotion. They are always ready to lend us a helping hand.

Artist Yura Shapoval on the symbolism of ‘BESIDE’: 
Have you ever had the feeling that there is someone beside you, even when you can’t see anyone? I have! The eyes are not capable of seeing the spiritual world that surrounds us. I’m convinced that it is in fact more real and more logical than the material world. I depict the dialogue between humans and the Creator in angelic form. I believe that many of us find ourselves drawn into this conversation. But whether to take part in it or not, whether to believe in miracles – that is for each one of us to decide”.

Exhibition curator and gallery director Myroslava Hartmond comments: “While contemporary art sometimes touches on religious themes, it tends to be critical of religion. In his works Yura Shapoval doesn’t hide the fact that he believes in God and in the triumph of good over evil. The artist’s faith finds expression in genre-paintings encoded with mysteries. Tackling eternal dilemmas in a visual language that is wholly of our time, they drawn the viewer into an exciting game”.


Yura Shapoval is a Ukrainian contemporary artist working mainly with oil painting. He was born on August 17th 1984. Graduated from the Poltava National Technical Yuriy Kondratyuk University. Since 2010 he has actively exhibited his work both in Ukraine and abroad. In 2015 he created a series of paintings called ‘Hryhorovych’, which presented the national poet Taras Shevchenko in unusual guises representing the problems and preoccupations of Ukrainian society. In 2016 he exhibited his work as part of the ‘Ukraine EXISTS’ international project (New York, Chicago, New Jersey, Toronto). Yura Shapoval’s works have been shown in the Museum of Kyiv History, M-17 Contemporary Arts Centre, the Carpathian Art Museum, and private galleries in Ukraine. He lives and works in Poltava.

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