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Maksym Dietkovskyi

04.04 – 24.04.2019

Kyiv fine art gallery Triptych: Global Arts Workshop presents ‘ARCHAIC PUZZLES’ – a new project by young Ukrainian contemporary artist Maksym Dietkovskyi, who has established himself as a creator of monumental paintings and interior design solutions. The textured, gleaming canvases executed in the artist’s unusual painting technique already have a following both in Ukraine and abroad. ‘ARCHAIC PUZZLES’ invites the viewer to delve into a world of imaginary landscapes, which pulse with primordial tectonic energy.


Artist Maksym Dietkovskyi sheds light on his unique technique:


I developed my technique 6 years ago, when I rejected the rules and concept of figurative painting and crowned colour and texture as the dominant components of my works. Construction varnish binds paint, pigment, and canvas. Lacquer halts the chemical reaction process, it creates the opportunity to stop action, to document the process here and now, to prolong it indefinitely. Paint is applied in layers, mostly in horizontal bands that imitate the horizon, the water surface, clouds, which interact with one another. The process of applying varnish, paint, pigment is repeated multiple times, the layers congeal, harden, crack, creating deep textures which imitate natural landscapes.”

Exhibition curator and gallery director Myroslava Hartmond adds that “it is always great to see our artists growing creatively and discovering new facets of their art. In the summer of 2013, we hosted Maksym Dietkovskyi’s debut exhibition ‘TEXTURES’. It was a successful exhibition, and his technique intrigued experienced masters of painting. New series ‘ARCHAIC PUZZLES’ demonstrates the artist’s maturity, confidence in his creative process, and shows off his skills on a new, larger scale. In the modern world, a successful artist can effectively combine a creative career with another professional vector, for example, interior or graphic design, teaching, commercial photography. Maksym’s artworks are created with a clear understanding of the principles of interior design and will thus be the gem of any interior.

About the artist

Maksym Dietkovskyi was born on December 16th 1987 in Noyabrsk, Russia. He completed his university studies in Kyiv, graduating in 2007 from the Kyiv College of Architecture and Design with a degree in architecture, and in 2011 from the Kyiv National Institute of Construction and Architecture (Department of Urban Planning). He has worked in interior and object design since 2011, and in 2018 established the Modektura design studio, which specializes in public and domestic interiors. In 2013 he became a professional artist. The works of Maksym Dietkovskyi are part of private collections in Geneva, Kyiv, Lisbon, Los Angeles, Moscow, and Paris.

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