Fine art, sculpture & photography in the heart of Kyiv since 1988


Barannik Alisa Anatolyevna was born on 11/21/1985. Lives and works in Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine. In 2008 she graduated from Zaporizhzhya National Technical University in the following specialties: Power supply of industrial enterprises; Management of organisations. In her student years she was interested in art, which determined her future profession and vocation. Since 2013, she is the founder and director of the ceramics studio "Shalene Kolo", Zaporizhzhia. Alisa became acquainted with pottery thanks to Vilchinsky Alexander Alexandrovich (chairman of the union of masters of Ukraine in Zaporizhzhya), who became her first teacher in traditional pottery art. She was inspired by modern ceramics during numerous trips abroad and the exchange of experience with foreign ceramists. Her work is inspired by ethnic forms and motifs, natural textures, works of such modern ceramists as Sergey Isupov, Gosia, Manji Inoue. She experiments with different materials: chamotte, earthenware, porcelain, colored clay. Alisa combines various modeling techniques. Alisa's pottery skills allow her to use traditional type of ceramics to create modern forms.
Participation in exhibitions and contests.
2014 - Personal exhibition of the ceramics studio "Shalene Kolo". Zaporizhzhya
2015 - All-Ukrainian exhibition-competition of fine and decorative arts, Kiev. Work "Artificial" received a diploma of III degree.
2016 - Festival of modern ceramics "CeGlina 2016", work "Istok", Kiev
2017 - Festival of Modern Ceramics "CeGlina 2017", the work "Warmly", Kiev
2018 - Festival of Modern Ceramics "Vicho Kolo", several works, Kiev.
Since 2017 she has been cooperating with the Triptych: Global Arts Workshop, Kiev

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